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MIC Processors

BIG VOICE - Base Version

Audio Processor

From: Sound4

- 2-Channel
- 3-Band Processor
- Dual Power Supply
- Mic/Line/Digital/AES-67 Inputs
- Line/Digital/AES-67 Outputs

SOUND4 BIG VOICE² is powered with the revolutionary HQ-Sound 192kHz Audio Processing engine, a SOUND4 patented technology which has been used for years in other products. Its processing structure includes an advanced DeEsser, 3-band noise gate, Pre-EQ 4-band parametric, 3-band dynamic processor, Post-EQ 4-band parametric, brick wall limiter… Yes much more than a simple noise gate and compressor and we don’t stop there, Big Voice² products offers further enhancements with our own plugin extensions like Reverb and more.

SOUND4 BIG VOICE² processors are flexible, and adapt perfectly to all voices. From Natural tone to Big, everything is possible in a few clicks. The SOUND4 BIG VOICE² is the perfect tool for production studios for that smooth Voice Over.


-Two GUI types: STUDIO is dedicated for sound setup and LIVE is a very simplified one for On-Air Studio.  
-Setting of sound from one single screen! No more opening and closing of windows for going from one function to another.
-In STUDIO GUI, two level modes: BASIC where everything is simple and rapid, ADVANCED for exploring all the processor functionalities.
-In LIVE GUI, if needed Presets are editable or not in a very simplified GUI for fast On-Air modifications.
-Ultra-fast vu meter for true control.
-Unlimited “Undo/Redo” versioning function for presets with possibility of recall.
-Innovative “compare” function with reference notion.
-Log function for presets.
-A remote connection manager to control several processors.
-Works on Windows 7, 8, 10,  Windows Server 2016, Linux (Debian).