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Broadcast Satellite


1.2m Ka upgradable to Ku Mobile Antenna

From: iNetVu

-1.2m Off set, prime focus, thermoset-molded refl ector with back cover
-Low stow height
-Designed to work with the iNetVu® 7710 Controller
-Supports hand cranks
-One button, auto-pointing controller acquires ViaSat or KASAT Ka-band satellite within 2 minutes

The Powercast Ka-12V Drive-Away antenna system is a sleek, simple to operate auto-deploy VSAT terminal which can be mounted on the roof of
a vehicle. It is suitable for the most demanding applications. All axes have very low backlash and work together seamlessly with sophisticated
integral sensors and the iNetVu® 7710 Controller to ensure excellent pointing accuracy.


-Optimal high-precision antenna pointing
-Includes jog controller functions
-Remote access and operation via network, web and other Interfaces
-Modular design makes all major aspects of the antenna fieldserviceable
-Supports ViaSat/General Dynamics 1.2m Ka antenna
-2-piece thermoset-molded refl ector (optional)
-Compliant with commercial Ka Services (Exede & toowayTM)
-Standard 2 year warranty