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Audio Monitor

Audio Monitor

From: Blackmagic Design

-2 x Channel AES/EBU Digital Audio Input
-L/R Balanced & Unbalanced Analog Input
-2 x 27-Segment LED VU Meters
-Front Panel Illuminated Keypad
-Front Panel 1/4" Headphone Jack
-Supports SD/HD/Ultra HD @ 10-bit via SDI
-16 x Channels Audio Output via SDI Out
-2 x Channels Embedded Audio via HDMI Out
-Available Dolby Decoder Upgrade Card
-1RU-Sized Unit with Class A/B Amplifier

The Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor provides 2-channel audio monitoring of AES/EBU digital audio, audio embedded in SDI and analog audio. Designed to provide you with peace of mind, the unit provides high-quality audio monitoring of signals from decks, video servers, and live transmissions. You can use the unit to check audio levels as you work on your project. Up front and big on the unit's front panel are two 27-segment LED VU meters that provide you with a bright, visual representation of the audio levels from -45 to +3 decibels, and two built-in, full-range stereo speakers provide clear audio. Control of the unit is by a front panel illuminated keypad that allows you to select input sources to monitor. A 2.1" LCD screen for viewing input video (up to 4K), and a headphone jack and headphone volume control for when the listening environment is too intrusive

Supporting video resolutions up to Ultra HD, the audio monitor allows you to monitor the embedded audio as separate stereo pairs, before passing the signal out through either the SDI loop through port with 16-channel embedded audio or the HDMI 4K connector with embedded 2-channel audio. The rugged aluminum case features a card slot for an available Dolby Decoder card, allowing you an easy upgrade path. The 1RU-sized unit comes with a class A/B amplifier for a balance between high fidelity and power efficiency, dual subwoofer design with extra wide range speakers allow you to sit back and hear the audio. Rackmount ears are built-in for use in a post facility or mounting in a production case.


Audio Input:

-Digital Audio Input (AES/EBU)
2 x Channels balanced 110Ω via XLR

-Analog Audio Input
2 x Balanced line level 3 pin XLR
2 x Unbalanced analog line level RCA jacks

-SDI Audio Input
16 x Channels embedded audio in SD/HD/UltraHD 4k

Audio Output:

-Analog Audio Output
1 x 1/4" TRS headphone jack

-Digital Audio Output
16 x Channels embedded audio loop out
2 x Channels embedded in SD/HD/UltraHD 4k

Audio Level Metering:

-Metering Range
 -45 to +3 dB



-Audio Sampling
96 kHz, 24-bit


  • Weight:8.35 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:19.2x11x3.4 in