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6 Channel Audio Console for Production or Small ON-AIR Studios

From: Solidyne

-6 channel: 5 audio channel plus one internal Phone Hybrid
-2 MIC channel with 4 band equalizar and audio compressor
-2 independent stereo BUS (PGM & Recording)
-Talkback MIC

The Solidyne S-500 satisfies all the basic necessities of a radio on-air study, obtaining excellent cost/benefits relation. Unlike other consoles of low price, the S-500 has “digital” audio quality.

The Solidyne D816 On-Air console is a landmark in technology for new radio studios with low budgets.  

The D816 is the Digital Radio console with the lowest cost in the International market, offering digital USB In/outs and balanced analog in/outs that cover all the needs for the small to medium size radio stations. Production and News studios at large broadcasting stations will find the D816 an excellent solution.

All faders are VCA controlled. It includes 3 telephone Hybrids; two for land lines and one for cellular phone.

All three hybrid channels are able to work in conference, including the cellular phone.

The console has independent stereo outputs for AIR and Recordings.

This way you can carry out simultaneous tasks at the same time.

Four electronic VU-meters of comfortable reading indicate the levels of both outputs.

The connection of USB ports can be made in one or two computers. The visual indicator informs that the computer has recognized the console. If it indicates C4 there are 4 digital channels. Showing C8 it indicates 8 channels (2 stereo in PLAY and 2 stereo in REC). It has a VU-meter that indicates the microphone compression level, which allows you to have the same sound level for all speaker’s voices.


-Separate Monitor outputs for Studio and Control speakers, with muting, (you can use standard active speakers por PC)
-CUE bus with internal console speaker
-ON-Air light output, 12 V (is activated when the fader opens)
-10 inputs; 2 MIC , 4 stereo lines, 2 balaced stereo lines, one telephone line with internal Hybrid and one On-Air monitoring input
-Full VCA control using conductive ceramic professional 100 mm faders of 2 million cycle life (20 years of use !)
-Audio Compressor for MIC inputs
-4 Band MIC equalizer
-Large VUmeter area with PGM, REC and Compressor display
-Balanced Inputs & Outputs with Digital Audio Quality
-Flat Design (flush mount with no need to cut the table)
-Power supply: external, regulated switching type 90 - 240 V automatically commuted