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 Two Lines Hybrid System for Conference (Land Lines or Cellular Phones) 

From: Solidyne

- 2, 4 and 6 conference lines or cell phones
- 40 dB local signal rejection
- Simple operation with only 3 buttons
- Output to console, with audio compressor, balanced +4 dBu

The new HL202 telephone hybrids replace the "HA" series models, allowing 2 telephone or cell lines, without distinction. Two or three HL202 units are grouped to handle 4 lines or 6 telephone lines / cell phones. These units synthesize our 45-year experience in the manufacture of hybrid telephones for broadcasting.

This translates into a system where excellence is in the design, facilitating the work of the operator. Send and receive audio limiters and compressors, as well as bandpass filters, to automatically adjust levels and avoid saturation of telephone lines that occur with other brands.

They can operate with any console model. The cabinet has retractable ears so that it can be rack mounted or operate on a table. The surcharge exceeds 40 dB and the quality of outdoor audio is so good that the looks that the sea originated on a phone line. Each line allows you to adjust the exact balance, with a potentiometer of 15 turns. It fits only when installed. An output for the recording allows to use the hybrid without console.

Each line accepts an associated handset, for production, which is disconnected when the caller is put on hold.
A difference from other brands, this hybrid offers 8 dB cross-gain to compensate for the losses of the lines and make in a conference you listen to each other with good level.

The buttons have buttons illuminated by reflection, high visibility, which makes operation errors impossible.
The hybrids allow to enter indistinctly with fixed telephone lines or with cellular telephones, using the cable of hands free of cellular. The hybrid recognizes the different inputs and is automatically configured to operate on 2-wire (TF line) or 4-wire (cellular)
This facility makes it possible to take advantage of the low costs of communication between cell phones offered by telephone companies.


- Online delivery with automatic level adjustment at 0 dBu
- Shipping bandpass filters to improve local rejection
- 8 dB cross-line gain to level the entire conference
- Reflective illuminated pushbuttons
- Balanced and floating telephone connection, to cancel buzzing
- Lightning protection with SIOV technology
- High quality audio in the air, no local signal color