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Digital USB Mini-Console, 4 Channels. For Telephone Line with DTMF Dialer

From: Solidyne
  • Weight:0.6 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:121x129x37 cm

La MX2100 es la única consola de exteriores del mercado mundial que incluye:
-Compresor de audio +AGC
-Entrada/salida digital USB
-Ecualización VQR

Esto logra un gran sonido. aún a través de celulares, pudiendo restaurarse en Estudios los graves y agudos originales mediante la tecnología VQR (Voice Quality Restoration).

With the MX2100 you don't need to manipulate the cell phone. You can use dynamic microphones of good quality, using the cell phone only as transmitter to link with the radio station. The console can also be used with a land line or connected to a laptop.
With Solidyne VQR technology into the studios, you can achieve a substantial renovation in the audio quality of telephone communication, rebuilding part of the bass and treble lost in transmission and eliminating the background noise that characterizes the conventional telephone transmissions. 

The cell phone is connected to the console via a Bluetooth wireless link, or using a cable adapter connected to handsfree connector.

Bluetooth wireless technology allows to connect compatible devices without cables. A Bluetooth connection does not require that the devices be in line of sight, but the devices should be within 10 meters from each other (3 meters maximum recommended for safe operation). Connection can be subject to interference from obstructions such as walls or other electronic devices.

Designed for Internet With the MX2100 eliminates the analogical connection between conventional audio consoles and the audio inputs on the laptops, which are not designed for professional use. The Solidyne MX2100 connects to the computer with a standard USB cable, which resolves the sends and returns via Internet to link with the radio.


4 Microphone inputs; 3 external dynamic MIC and one internal condenser MIC.
One line input for cassete, DAT or digital recorder
-MIC input level:
From -20 to -75 dBu.
Non clipping MIC preamplifier at any level
-Audio output:
Balanced audio output 0 dBu / 10 Kohms
-Hybrid Outputs:
2 outputs with internal Hybrid. One for phone line (POT) and one for cellular phone
-Headset outputs:
3 outputs for headsets. Z= 8 to 600 ohms
With separate amplifier with level control
-Frequency Response:
Flat 20-15.000 Hz plus an anti-pop filter with -6 dB @ 30 Hz and Low pass filter -3 dB @ 12 Khz
-THD Distortion:
Less than 0,4 % @ 1 Khz
70 dBA Signal/Noise ratio with -40 dBu MIC level
-Audio Compressor:
16 dB action with 2 LED indication.
10 ms attack time and 200 ms recovery
-Fast Limiter:
Peak limiter after compressor stage to avoid digital saturation of cellular phones.
-Electronic Technology:
Full use of advanced CMOS amplifiers with very low power consumption , for long battery duration
-Cellular connection:
Full wireless Bluetooth connection with 16 bits converter.
Red and Green indication of status
Backup of cellular link: RJ11 open cable to be connected to the Hands-free kit of the second cellular phone.
-DTMF Dialer:
Internal dialer for making call to Studios. The console is connected to RJ11 like a regular phone set.
-Battery charger:
The console includes a multivoltage 90 V to 240 V, USB battery charger, with automatic voltage selection
-Battery duration:
MX 2100 works continously during 16 hours
Can be charged in one night
It uses a standard low cost 3,6 V battery used for wireless phone sets