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Video Codecs


MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-2 IP Encoder

From: QVidium

-QVidium Patented feed-back based error correction (ARQ)
-USB for storing video to hard drive
-1080p60/59.94, 1080p50/25, 1080p30/29.97, 1080p24/23.98, 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 720p60/59.94, 720p50, PAL and NTSC video inputs

The QVENC is part of the QVidium® professional line of advanced video codecs; a line of compact, powerful and cost-effective products designed for real-time encoding, and decoding for Content Gathering, Monitoring, and Distribution of broadcast quality video over IP networks.

QVidium’s advanced video transport couples broadcast and networking standards with patented error correction to take advantage of the inherent flexibility of IP and the Internet, providing broadcasters an efficient, affordable and scalable solution for professional quality video distribution quality over nearly any IP network.


-Selectable inputs: Composite, S-Video, SDI*, HD-SDI*
*Available with optional software license
-4 channel audio input from SDI or analog audio
-7 VDC to 18VDC Power Input directly or through AC Power Adapter.
-DVB-ASI input & output with optional daughtercard
-AC3 audio pass through on SDI and S/PDIF input
-HD to SD down scaler
-DVBCSA Encryption
-Full Closed Captioning Support: CEA-608, CEA-708, VANC & Line 21
-Live WEB Streaming: CDNs (eg. USTREAM), WowzaMedia & EvoStream