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Analog to Digital Converter & Switcher

From: Broadcast Tools

- Balanced stereo analog input.
- AES input.
- AES output and remote control via plug-in euroblock connectors.
- The front panel is equipped with left and right analog input trimmers.

The ADCS III provides professional quality 24-bit A/D conversion, along with AES path insertion and interruption functions. The ADCS III may be configured as a
standalone A/D converter or to switch AES or stereo analog inputs into another AES stream. The ADCS III is a perfect companion for analog EAS encoders/decoders to be inserted into an AES program stream.

The ADCS III is equipped with relay bypass in case power is removed from the unit. The A/D converter may be configured for sample rates of 44.1 or 48kHz (32kHz may be special ordered) or an external word clock from 32 to 96kHz


- Overload.
- Audio presence and power LED indicators.
- Input transfer switches are provided along with LED indicators.
- Most front panel functions and status are available on the rear panel connector.
- The ADCS III is powered by a surge protected internal bipolar 15 vdc power supply affording superior headroom and high definition audio.
- The ADCS III may be set on a desktop.
- Mounted on a wall or up to three units maybe mounted on the optional RA-1.
- Rack-Able mounting shelf.