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iPad-Controlled 8-Channel Digital Mixer

From: Mackie
  • Weight:13.3 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:19.0 x 18.3 x 6.1 in

-For iPad with Lightning Connector
-8 Onyx Microphone Preamplifiers
-4 XLR Inputs & 4 XLR/TRS Combo Inputs
-Switchable 48V Phantom Power

The DL806 iPad-Controlled 8-Channel Digital Mixer with Lightning Connector from Mackie allows the entire process of live-sound mixing to be controlled by an iPad with lightning connector. The DL806 features 8 Onyx microphone preamps, 24-bit A/D & D/A converters, powerful internal DSP processing and an iPad docking faceplate. The DL806 has 4 XLR inputs, 4 XLR/TRS combo inputs and 4 aux sends. Integrate your Apple iPad and complete the setup for a live-sound mixing experience that takes advantage of the iPad's touch screen capabilities and wireless control.

Use Mackie's Master Fader app to mix live audio and access the DL806's internal processing, including 4-band EQ, compression, gate, delay, reverb and 31-band master buss graphic EQ. Add a wireless router (not included) and mix with your iPad remotely, at various locations of a venue, hall, etc. The DL806 takes full advantage of the iPad's flexibility.


-Input Connections:
4 x XLR balanced
4 x XLR/TRS combo inputs
-Mic Preamps Onyx
-Input Impedances Channels 1 - 4: 3 kOhms
-Channels 5- 8: 3 kOhms XLR, 30 kOhms 1/4" TRS
-Maximum Input Level XLR:
+21 dBu
1/4" TRS: +30 dBu
Gain XLR: 0 to 60 dB
1/4" TRS: -20 to 40 dB
-Phantom Power +48 V
-10 mA max per mic, with up to 8 mics
-5 mA max per mic, with up to 16 mics
-Output Connections 2 x XLR balanced (L/R)
-Output Impedance 600 ohms
-Maximum Output Level +21 dBu
-AUX Sends 1/4" TRS
-Supports balanced/unbalanced
240 ohms balanced, 120 ohms unbalanced
+21 dBu max output level
-Digital Audio
-Sample Rate 48 kHz
-Bit Depth 24-bit
-Latency 1.5 ms
-Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +0 /-1 dB
-All inputs to all outputs
-THD < 0.005%
-Mic input to main output, 1 kHz @ -1 dBFS
-EIN -128 dBu @ 150 ohms termination
-Noise Mic input to main output, A-weighted:
79 dBu, with channel and main faders @ 0 dB
90 dBu, with channel and main faders @ -∞ dB
-Crosstalk Adjacent inputs: < -120 dB @ 1 kHz
-Outputs: < -105 dB @ 1 kHz
-Signal-to-Noise Ratio 92 dB
-Ref +4 dBu, one channel and main fader @ 0 dB, A-weighted
-Dynamic Range 109 dB
-One channel and main fader @ 0 dB, A-weighted
-CMRR > 70 dB @ 1 kHz (60 dB gain)
-Connector 100 MB Ethernet
-Control Complete
-Simultaneously Connected Remote Stations Up to 10 iPads