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Cross fader

From: Roland

-Roland V-4 Cross Fader

The V-4 Cross Fader from Edirol/Roland is an add-on accessory that will bring more functionality and convenience to your V-4 Video Mixer. This unit can be substituted for the T-bar on the V-4 Mixer, allowing you to make quick changes between your video feed sources with nothing more than a screwdriver in hand.

While the V-4's T-bar sits high and holds your hand up comfortably, the cross fader is positioned low so your forefingers can shuttle between images with speed and precision. This unit also lets you adjust the distance throw to a stroke of 10mm, 23mm, 35mm, or 45mm. If you need to switch back to a slower pace, simply reconnect the T-bar to the V-4. This unit is sure to bring more versatility and flexibility to the management of your workflow.