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Full Digital Small and Compact 3 CMOS HDTV Camera

From: Ikegami

- Crane application.
- Studio (POV).
- Sports/Event (Pole camera, Goal camera).
- 3D application (Genlock, Sync interfaced).
- ROI application.

The HDL-23 is a Full Digital and Full Resolution HDTV camera equipped with three high performance progressive CMOS sensors, providing superb color reproduction. The optical block camera head is designed for minimum size and weight allowing use in a wide range of POV applications. The CCU is DC powered for field use, and the camera system can be controlled by Ikegami's traditional broadcast remote control panels. Small size, light weight, easy operation and handling make the HDL-23 well suited for applications requiring an ultra-compact HDTV camera.


-  High Performance Progressive CMOS Sensors
1920 x1080 progressive CMOS sensors are employed to achieve 1000TVL horizontal resolution, F10 sensitivity and 54dB SNR. 
- Compact and Light Camera Head
The compact and light camera head permits use in various application with easy operation and handling.
-  Various Output Signals
Not only two HD-SDI outputs, but also other output signals such as DVI, HDMI(Option) are available. And it supports simultaneous outputs for SD VBS and Y/C.
- Auto Video Level Control
By synchronized control of Auto Gain, Auto Shutter and Auto Knee, video maintains the correct level automatically even though lighting conditions change. This feature is beneficial when using compact manual iris C-mount lenses, allowing the iris to be fixed at the best setting for depth-of-focus and sensitivity. The starting gain for AVC can be set at 3dB increments, producing maximum SNR for the each application.
- Column Adding
Column adding achieves two times standard sensitivity by using 2 horizontal columns for each pixel. Also, line mix achieves another two times standard sensitivity by using 2 vertical rows. In total four times standard sensitivity can be achieved for applications where high sensitivity is required with some sacrifice in resolution.
-  ICCP Command Control
The camera supports Ikegami's traditional broadcast control command protocol (ICCP), so our broadcast remote control panels used with other EFP cameras can also be used on this POV camera as a part of the overall broadcast camera control system. (Control Unit: RM-51A, RM-50, OCP-100, OCP-200).
- 3D Application Ready
An image flip function supports 3D video production when using 3D rigs. The OCP-200 in network configuration can support 3D with parallel operation of two cameras (option). (» OCP-200).