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Transmission Transmission

Audio Processors


FM/HD Broadcast Processor with RBDS and RDS

From: Orban

-Internal DSP-based stereo encoder with exclusive "Half-Cosine Interpolation" composite limiter
-Versatile ratings encoder loop through maintains high audio levels into the encoder for most reliable encoding
-Full-featured RDS/RBDS generator that supports dynamic PS

The 5700 provides stereo enhancement, equalization, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting—everything that you need to compete in your market. The 5700 also includes a full-featured RBS/RBDS generator at no additional charge. The generator supports dynamic PS. It can be controlled via the 5700 presets and an ASCII terminal server that can be connected to automation to support displaying title and artist.


-Quick Setup wizard, dozens of expertly-designed presets, and outstanding documentation make the 5700i easy to set up for any format
-Six processing structures
-SNMP control and monitoring
-Compatible with Belar or DaySequerra TimeLock diversity delay correction