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Recording Console with 16-Channels and Firewire Interface

From: Allen & Heath
  • Weight:41 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:33.0 x 24.0 x 9.5 in

-18+18 Firewire I/O
-16+16 ADAT I/O
-16 Channel Inputs
-4 Dedicated Stereo Inputs
-MIDI Machine Control

The Allen & Heath ZED-R16 Firewire Recording Console delivers a host of coveted features that addresses the demands of today's producers and digital recording engineers. The mixer features 16 mono channels with integrated Firewire I/O, stereo bus with Firewire I/O, 16-channel ADAT I/O, 4 dedicated MIDI channels and MIDI transport controls.

The integrated Firewire and ADAT I/O provide dedicated digital signal routing per channel and eliminate the need for a dedicated audio interface. Signals may be routed pre or post EQ and pre or post insert points, maximizing routing flexibility. Two extra Firewire channels are dedicated to the stereo bus for mix down and stereo return from software.

There are 16 low-noise, transparent microphone preamps, each with its own +48V phantom power switch. Each channel features a powerful EQ with two swept, fully parametric mids, and high and low shelving. In addition to all this, the ZED-R16 features 2 dedicated pre-fader auxiliary sends, 2 post-fader auxiliary sends a fully functional monitoring section and robust construction that's sure to withstand demanding professional recording environments, project and home studios.

The internal soundcard features 18 FireWire inputs and 18 outputs plus 16 ADAT I/O. Each channel on the mixer has its own independent soundcard channel so instruments can be recorded simultaneously (pre or post EQ) and into the sequencer separately. To minimise clock jitter and provide synchronicity between the ZED-R16 and other devices, the mixer is equipped with the professional JetPLL™ digital audio chipset.


-Total # Of Inputs 24
-Mic/Line Inputs 16 Balanced XLR Mic
-16 Balanced 1/4" Phone Line
-Stereo Line Inputs 4 L/R Balanced 1/4" Phone and RCA Phono
-In-Line Inputs/Returns Firewire I/O (mono chs 1 - 16)
-ADAT I/O (mono chs 1 - 16)
-Firewire I/O (stereo bus)
-AUX Sends 2 Pre-Fader - 1/4" Phone 2 Post-Fader - 1/4" Phone
-AUX Returns No
-Inserts 1/4" TRS Phone:
-Mono chs, stereo bus
-BUS (Group) Outputs Stereo Bus Output Only
-2 Trk Master I/O 2 Track 1 Out- L/R Balanced XLR
-2 Track 2 Out- L/R Balanced 1/4" Phone
-2 Track 1 In - L/R RCA Phono
-2 Track 2 In - L/R Balanced 1/4" Phone
-Monitor Outputs CRM L/R - Balanced 1/4" Phone
-ALT L/R - Balanced 1/4" Phone
-Studio Out 1 L/R - Balanced 1/4" Phone
-Studio Out 2 L/R - Balanced 1/4" Phone
-EQ Section 4-Band EQ with 2 Sweepable Mid Range
-Solo/Mute Mute, PFL and L/R Switches
-Channel Level Control 60mm Fader
-Trim/Gain Control Rotary Pot Controls
-Phantom Power +48V Individually Swicthed
-Metering 12-Segment Peak LED
-Frequency Response Mic In to Mix L/R Out, 30dB gain - 20Hz to 140kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
-Line In to Mix L/R Out, 0dB gain - 20KHz to 20kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
-Stereo In to Mix L/R Out - 20Hz to 20kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
-Dynamic Range Not Specified By Manufacturer
-Signal-to-Noise Ratio -88dB (-84dBu)
-Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.0025%
-(Mic in to Mix L/R Out, 6dB gain 1kHz +10dBu out)
-Power Supply Consumption 48W