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Transmission Transmission

AM Transmitters


Transmitter for AM digital radio series X.DA

From: Continental Lensa

- 3000 Watts 
-Elevated Total Efficiency.
-Excellent Audio Quality.
-Protection of Network (Surge Protector).

Efficiency greater than 93%, achieved through the use of Hexfet type power transistors in the design of the output circuits. The PWM modulation system and the intrinsically linear amplification circuits allow us to ensure a linear frequency response between 20 and 15,000 Hertz, with reduced distortion levels (less than 1%).

In analog operation, thanks to the design of the main power source and the PWM circuits, our equipment is able to operate with modulations up to 150% at the positive peak, which translates into an excellent "volume on the dial". In hybrid operation, ie analog and digital simultaneously (IBOC), our equipment is capable of operating up to 125% modulation for the analog signal, considering a bandwidth of 8 KHz, plus digital modulation.

The intelligence for the complete remote control of the transmitters, including the functions of power on, off, power up, power down and reset of alarms, as well as measures of direct power, Reflected power, DC current, DC voltage and alarm status. All the above functions are performed by a web manager, which is linked to a server of our company.


-Analog Modulation Capability 150% at positive peak at rated power
-Frequency Stability
- +/- 5 Hz between 0 and 45 ° C. In digital or hybrid mode the stability depends on the driver
-Audio Response
-+ / - 0.5 db between 20 and 15,000 Hz, based on 1000Hz and 95% modulation
-Total Harmonic Distortion
-Less than 1% between 20 and 15,000 Hz, at 95% modulation and nominal power
-Distortion by Intermodulation
-Less than 2% at nominal power and 85% modulation, with signals of 1,000 and 400 Hz in the ratio 1: 1
-Emission of Harmonics and Non-Essential Radiations
-Column with FCC
-Consumption of Electric Power
-3,750 VA or less, with 0% modulation
-Input Impedance (Audio)
-600 balanced Ohms
-Audio Input Level
-+ 10 dBm for 100% modulation.
-Adjustable between 0 and +12 dbm
-RF Output Power
-Maximum: 3,9 KW
-Maximum Average Power: 4.5 KW
-Modulation Capacity
-120% positive peak modulation: 3.9 KW
-130% positive peak modulation: 3.6 KW
-150% positive peak modulation: 3 KW
-Energy source
-Single-phase power supply 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
-Three-phase supply 220/380 VAC, 50/60 Hz