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Multiplexer / Turn Around


5400 and 5800 HD/SD MPEG IP Stream Multiplexer

From: D2D Technologies

The D2iMux is a cost effective HD/SD MPEG digital video IP stream multiplexer that transforms services from ASI and Gigabit Ethernet into a tailored transport stream ready for distribution over ASI, IP and SMPTE-310. Service components from any input can be used to create each output for true flexibility in building your own MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 services.

Key Benefits

Optimize Transport Bandwidth: Get the most out of your transport by creating a Multiple Program Transport Stream (MPTS) from all of the service inputs. Satisfy demanding bandwidth constraints by removing unwanted elementary streams like secondary audio or even drop complete programs.

Easily Rebrand Channels: Control the PSIP/SI branding of all your service channels with advanced ATSC table processing required for terrestrial broadcast.

Value you can count on: The D2iMux delivers a strong Return on Investment (ROI) in a compact multiplexer with proven reliability. In just minutes, you can create a custom multiplex ready for the most demanding contribution and distribution requirements.


• PSIP table management, service filtering and remapping.
• Service aggregation and local program insertion.
• Transport Stream (TS) grooming and remultiplexing of any service received over ASI or Gigabit Ethernet.
• IP output for transporting digital video content over IP networks.
• Converts up to 8 IP Streams to ASI providing a full duplex network video gateway.
• Network jitter correction and adaptation for transport of MPEG TS over IP.