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Transmission Transmission

Audio Processors



From: Orban

-Optimod-quality digital audio processing
-Two-Band automatic gain control
-Low-IM look-ahead limiter
-Precisely controls peak levels
-Balanced Inputs and Outputs

PCIe card for Windows® 2003, 2008, XP Pro, Vista and 7/8.CBS Loudness Controller™ and Loudness Meter™ included. The 1101e is dialnorm-aware, allowing easy incorporation into Dolby Digital™ transmission paths. The 1101e is also a high-quality sound card with analog I/O, AES/EBU digital output and two mixing AES/EBU digital inputs, either of which can receive sync. Includes WAVE drivers that allow the card to send and receive WAVE streams from the host computer and to mix these with the external analog and digital inputs. The 1101e can be configured as 2 sound devices, ideal for ad insertion. Multiple cards can be installed in host computer, limited only by CPU resources and the number of available PCIe slots. It readily drives streaming encoders running on the host. Includes PCIe card, application software, and user documentation. Internal sample rate: 48 kHz.


-Frequency Response: ±0.1dB, 2-20,000Hz (Bypass software running).
-Input/Output Delay: Adjustable from 25 ms to 62 ms in 1 ms steps. Presets available for one frame of: 30 fps (33.33ms), 29.97 fps (NTSC color video; 33.37ms), 25 fps (most PAL video; 40ms), and 24 fps (film; 41.67ms). "Minimum" delay is also available; this delay will vary according to the processing structure in use and crossover mode settings.
-Internal Filters: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 20kHz can be used to provide additional anti-aliasing for low sample rate services, such as Internet Streaming Encoders, Eureka-147 (24kHz mode), iBiquity HD-AM (32kHz) and Digital Radio Mondiale.
Internal Sample Rate: 48kHz.
-Wave Sample Rate: 8-96kHz.
-Internal Resolution: 24-bit fixed point (3 x Freescale DSP56367).
-Input/Output Resolution: 24-bit.
-Peak Control Accuracy: If output samples are synchronous with internal samples, maximum overshoot of any output sample is 0.1dB. This is true at 48kHz output sample rate. If sample rate conversion after internal processing makes output samples asynchronous with internal samples, output samples can overshoot as much as 1dB (0.3dB typical).
-Phase Response: All processing is linear-phase (constant group delay).
-AGC (Automatic Gain Control): ±12dB/24dB gain range, Two-Band, Gate and Window enabled.
-Stereo Enhancer: Two styles available: (1) Orban-patented L-R dynamic expansion triggered by L+R transients; (2) L-R delay.
-Equalizers: Shelving Low Bass EQ, selectable 6 dB, 12dB or 18dB/octave. Three-band Parametric EQ with analog-style bell-shaped curves. Program Adaptive HF Enhancer.
-Multiband Compressors: -24dB gain range, Five-Band and Two-Band, selectable by mute-free crossfade.
-Limiter: -12dB gain range, Look-ahead IM distortion reduced, competitive with the best dedicated mastering limiters, achieving high loudness with a remarkable lack of side-effects.