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DEVA Radio Explorer II

DEVA Mobile FM Radio Analyzer

From: DEVA Broadcast
  • Weight:2 kg

  • Shipping Dimensions:210x76x215 in


-Fully DSP based FM radio frontend
-FM Band 87÷108 MHz Basic Spectrum Analyzer
-Dual antenna ports supporting up to 100 dBµV direct RF Antenna Input
-Selectable IF bandwidth
-MPX, PILOT, RDS deviation meters and RF Field strength

DEVA Radio Explorer II is a product designed to work in the most dynamic environment - in the field where the listeners are. With just a click of a button, the device turns into the perfect tool for the evaluation and monitoring of the signal strength and quality of up to 50 pre-selected frequencies (Logger Mode) or up to 10 FM stations (PI/CALL Campaign). All that is needed is a vehicle and the DEVA Radio Explorer II.

When the data gathering trip is over, all log files can be exported and displayed in Google Earth using the free of charge DEVA Device Manger software. The log files are saved in a CSV format for future analysis, especially useful when comparing past and current information about FM broadcast band congestion and coverage is required.

This cost-effective device can measure RF level, MPX deviation, MPX power, Left & Right audio levels, RF field strength, RDS, and Pilot injection levels.


Built-in Stereo decoder
Stereo Presence Detection
LEFT and RIGHT demodulated audio level meters
RDS and RBDS decoder
RDS/RBDS Stream BER meter
Powerful Dual DSP-based core
Built-in 50-channels GPS Receiver
Front panel OLED Graphical Display
Very Intuitive Application Interface
SNMP for adjustments and control
Full control and monitoring via LAN & USB connection
Easy to use WEB Interface
Maintenance via DEVA Device Manager Software

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