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AC Power Sentinel® 2 Plus

Remote Power Switch

From: Broadcast Tools
  • Weight:1 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:10.65x1.75x3.29 in

- Temperature and/or humidity sensors can be added for environmental monitoring.
- Dry-contact sensors or switches can be connected for local control of outlets or for monitoring external devices.
- Real-time clock, can automatically adjusts for daylight savings time, sync with NTP server.

AC Power Sentinel® 2 Plus, Remote Power Switch, is the ideal solution for remote reboot and many other remote power control applications. AC Power Sentinel® 2 Plus has two power outlets which can be independently controlled using a web browser.

It is completely self-contained and includes a built-in web server so no external servers, services, or subscriptions are required.

AC Power Sentinel® 2 Plus provides remote power control, remote reboot, or automatic reboot of network devices. Using a standard web-browser on a computer or Smartphone users can access AC Power Sentinel® 2 Plus directly, and control either outlet.

AC Power Sentinel® 2 Plus also includes features such as remote temperature monitoring, discrete inputs, event scheduling, logging, and email alerts. This provides a more complete solution for remotely controlling servers and monitoring their environment.


- Added relay contact protection.
- Event scheduler with yearly calendar.
- Customizable email alerts.
- Logging; log outlet changes, automatic reboots, high/low temperatures, network traffic, and more.
- System log provides detailed diagnostic information.
- Simple scripts can be written in BASIC for advanced functionality.
- Configure manually or with DHCP.
- Supplied with two IEC to domestic short pig-tail adapters cables and domestic IEC power cable.