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COA-37 XDS/Serial

Connect-O-Adapter 37

From: Broadcast Tools

- Here’s another problem solver from Broadcast Tools for the XDS and/or StarGuide II or III satellite receiver! The Connect O' Adapter 37 XDS/Serial, (COA-37 XDS/Serial), provides an effective way to convert the DB-37 connector to removable screw terminals, along with adding a DB-9 connector to allow for serial, RS-232 Netcue data.

The COA-37 XDS/Serial is designed to plug into the male 37-pin D-Sub connector on any XDS and/or StarGuide II or III Relay Module.

The COA-37 XDS/Serial is equipped with four, eight-position removable screw terminals for connection to the 16 relays. Mounting screws are provided to secure the COA-37 XDS/Serial to the Relay Modules DB-37 connector.