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Si Expression 1 Digital Mixer

From: Soundcraft
  • Weight:24.2 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:6.70 x 19.0 x 20.5 in

-16 Microphone Pre-Amplifiers
-14 Multi-Color Illuminating Faders
-64 x 64 Channel Expansion Slot
-14 Auxiliary/Group Mixes

The Soundcraft Si Expression 1 Digital Mixer is a digital mixing console designed for live sound applications. The mixer features 16 microphone preamps, 4 line inputs, AES in, 4 internal stereo FX returns, 14 faders, a 64 x 64 expansion slot for additional routing possibilities, and 66 input processing channels.


-Audio Delay User adjustable 1 sample to 500 ms
-Graphic EQ 31 to 16 kHz, 1/3 octave
-Digital I/O AES Sample Rate Converter range: 8 to 200 kHz
-External World Clock In range: 48 kHz ±7 Hz (internal systems), ±3 Hz with stageboxes 
-Word Clock Out jitter: ±7 ns
-Analogue Out for 0 dBfs: +21.5 dBu
-Converter resolution: 24 bit
-DSP resolution: 40 bit floating point
-Latency Mic In to Line Out: -Analogue In to AES Out: -AES In to Line Out: -AES In to AES Out; -Stagebox Mic In to Stagebox: -Input Level Mic Input: +22 dBu max
-Line Input: +22 dBu max
-Output Level Mix Output: +21.5 dBu max
-Headphones at 150 Ω 300 mW (recommended impedance 32 to 200 Ω)