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Modular Console

From: Solidyne

-New look with low-profile cabinet 
-Illuminated pushbottons, CPU controlled
-Electronic Routing audio without mechanical contacts 
-User programmable from the front panel

2600 digital mixing consoles are a new concept for radio and TV studios. It can be installed in conventional analog or digital studios using the existing wiring. Then evolve towards Audio over IP systems (AoIP) based on control surfaces.

The 2600 consoles have a complete turret with 4 Dual VU meters, Timer, Clock and Phase Vector to know the degree of deepness of stereo sound.
Unlike other control surfaces of the market, the 2600 does not need an external PC to measure signal levels.
The line 2600, despite its low silhouette, always includes a complete measurement turret.
You never will have to interrupt transmission by a fault at the external  PC that other manufacturers obliges you to use.

The VU meters have 3 internal micro-computers to get  accurate measuring the audio signal , in steps of 1 dB, .
The VUmeters are DUAL type: RMS (proportional to the  sensation of sound loudness) and true PEAK value, that is critical in the digital audio control.
Even a slight overload, switch on during 5 sec the red indication

It has 24 step in XL models or 32 steps in XD & XX models.

The new 2600 line of conductive ceramic faders can be moved with a tiny feather. As seen in the video 2600
This exclusive Solidyne fader has 20 years life. It has a very different construction than the conventional attenuators , because it slides on two steel cylindrical bars with Teflon bushings.
The attenuator generates a DC voltage that controls to the module's internal computer.
The audio signal of the 2600 console never goes into the fader neither to a switch metal contact because it has electronic routing.


-Feather touch Ceramic faders with 20-year life  
-Timer-Clock and Stereo Phase Vector are now standard 
-Digital VU meters 24/32 steps, dual RMS & Peak
-Send BUS with Mix-Minus for Skype / IP Vox 
-CUE programmable multimode 
-Switching power supply multi-voltage, stabilized 
-AoIP option for STL link through Internet
-Virtual2600 option, for remote control of console