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DX816 12 channels digital On-Air console with AoIP option

From: Solidyne

-Low budget audio mixer for On-Air studio
-2 digital stereo USB inputs
-2 digital stereo USB outputs (PGM & REC)
-4 analog stereo Line inputs; Bal / Unbal selectable at front panel

The DX816 console marks a milestone at global technology for new radio studios with limited budgets. This new model advantageously replaces the previous model D816 sold in 65 countries.

It is the more economical digital console for the master control room of a radio station. It offers digital and analog inputs & outs, covering all the needs of a modern radio in on-air studio, Newsroom or Production.
Faders are conductive ceramic of 15 years duration with ETM-VCA control that prevents the audio pass through movable contacts.


-8 AoIP optional channels (Ethernet LAN)
-Professional illuminated push-buttons
-Four bands microphones equalizer. In-Out selectable
-Audio Compressor for getting the same audio level from five MIC's
-Mini-PBX at TELCO Module, for attention of 3 phone lines
-3 telephone hybrid; one cellphone with Bluetooth 4.0 (digital link for high audio quality )
-8 Conductive Ceramic soft touch attenuators of professional quality for 15 years life
-4 x PGM & REC VU meters. One VU meter for compressor level . USB active channels display