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Capitol IP

8 Channel Digital Mixing Console

From: AEQ Broadcast

-100 mm (4”) Fader.
-Channel On/Off switch and ON-AIR status indicator.
-Active process Indicator.
-CUE switch.
-2 main routing switches.
-Channel selection switch for advanced configurations.
-OLED Display: shows channel name, status, and balance/panorama level.

The control surface has been redesigned with new silent buttons, more programmable keys and a new arrangement of the monitoring section controls. IP connectivity in CAPITOL IP console is implemented through a single module with 16 input and 16 output channels incorporated in its core, and excludes MADI connectivity. So the rear panel is similar to the former model with two pre-cut holes for both Ethernet connectors. CAPITOL IP consoles can have a single multichannel access: IP or MADI. Depending on the configuration, the unit may come either with the Ethernet connectors or the MADI optical connector - or without any of these options - but never with both at the same time.


-Dual assignable precision VU-meters.
-20 Programmable function keys.
-Multi-function display.
-Selection buttons and rotary encoders associated to the Multi-function display.
-Control room, studio, and talk-back monitoring.
-4 PTT buttons for direct intercom with Studio or external lines.