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Cassette, USB & CD Player/Recorder

  • Weight:17.2 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:22.0 x 14.8 x 9.4 in

-Cassette Deck, CD Player & MP3 Player
-Plays Back CDs, Cassettes & MP3s
-Record from CD to MP3 & Tape
-Record from Tape to MP3

Record MP3s to cassette tape—and vice versa—with Tascam’s CD-A580, a multi-purpose recording/playback device which handles cassette tapes, CD files of multiple types, and USB flash media. Taking up 3 RU of rack space, the device is suitable for use in installation and professional scenarios, sports RCA line inputs and outputs, a 1/4" headphone jack with its own volume knob, and an LCD display, giving you readouts on levels.

The cassette deck is capable of both playback and recording, capturing files from CDs and the USB flash drive. On the cassette side, you can control the pitch of playback within a window of ±10%. As for the CD player, audio CDs, CD-RWs, and data CDs containing MP3 files are all supported, with a variety of playback modes provided, including Program, Single, and All. The USB flash-drive recorder can capture MP3 files from the CD player, the cassette deck, and line-input sources. Furthermore, you can play MP3 files with this device, playing back in Shuffle and Program modes. A remote control is included, so you may operate the CD-A580 at a distance. Batteries for the remote are also provided.

The multi-purpose CD-A580 plays from cassette, CD, or USB flash media. Cassette and USB recording is also available, allowing cassettes to be archived to USB as MP3 files.  

The CD-A580 combines a cassette deck, CD player and USB flash drive recorder/player into a single rack-mountable unit – perfect for installation and professional applications. A CD player and cassette tape recorder are joined with USB flash drive recording. Not only compatible the most popular types of media, the CD-A580 allows cassette tapes to be dubbed to USB media for archival. 


-One-way, IC Logic transport control enables recording and playback
-Dub from CDs
-Dub from USB flash drive and recording from LINE Inputs
-±10% pitch control
-Supports normal, chrome, and metal tape for playback; normal and chrome for recording
-Playback of audio CDs, CD-RW discs and data CDs (MP3 files) supported
-Various repeat playback modes, including Single, All and Program
-Headphone jack with level control
-Infrared remote control included
-LCD display with level meters
-3 RU rackmount size