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Rackmount Blu-Ray Player

  • Weight:7.95 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:21.8 x 14.5 x 5.4 in

-Single Rackspace Blu-Ray & DVD Player
-CD, WAV, MP3, WMA, DTS, Dolby Audio
-Wired and Wireless Control Options
-VTR Style Front-Panel Buttons

Taking up a single full width rack space, the Tascam BD-01U provides manual/remote playback from Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD media. Additionally, it supports WAV, MP3, WMA, DTS, and Dolby audio formats. It includes a wireless IR remote control, while an Ethernet jack and RS-232 port provide for hardwired control. Video output is via HDMI, while digital audio is output via optical and coaxial connectors and analog audio is available via built-in balanced XLR connectors and unbalanced RCA jacks.

A 130% playback mode allows you to scan through the footage on the disc at 1.3x normal speed. The on-screen display (OSD), which is useful for system set up, is switchable on/off for clean playback. The front panel display is dimmable so you can match it to the environment when working in the same room that you are screening in.

TASCAM's BD-01U is a rugged, professional, single-rackspace Blu-Ray player for installation and studio use. Building on the success of the install-standard DV-D01U, the Hi-Definition player includes control via LAN, RS-232C, and an included wireless remote. DVD, WAV, MP3, DTS, and Dolby playback are also supported from optical and USB flash drives. Media can be played back at up to 130% speed. 

A pair of balanced XLR and RCA unbalanced outputs is provided on the rear panel, in addition to the HDMI audio/video output. The analog outputs can be attenuated up to -12dB. Both optical and coaxial digital audio outs are also provided. Other professional features include a defeatable on-screen display, chapter repeat function, and JPEG slideshow. TASCAM channels the years of experience gained with the DV-D01U to create the ultimate source playback for education, house of worship, boardroom, and other high-stress installs.


-Disc Type
-Audio Formats Supported
-JPEG Slideshow Via USB flash drive input
-Control IR Remote
-Outputs HDMI: 1 x HDMI type A
-Balanced: 2x XLR (3-pin)
-Un-Balanced: 2x RCA jacks
-Power AC
-Size 1 RU