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3 Phone Line Hybrid with VQR (Voice Quality Restoration)

From: Solidyne

This new technology, developed at Solidyne Labs, allows reconstructing the original human voice quality transmitted over telephone lines or Cellular Phone systems. This new invention, based on the Psychoacoustics science, uses the information contained into the 300 - 3.000 Hz band to decode it and restore to the near-original audio quality.

The Voice, once restored, has a 50-10.000 Hz bandwidth
The VQR process, in real time, with no delay, brings near-Studio audio quality. Due to the average audio quality of receivers, about 95% of the FM audience believes that the phone line transmission in not a remote event (that is; the audio quality perceived is like studio quality, for them)

In some ways it is a method similar to that used in Astronomy to know what materials are formed a star by analyzing its light.
The HL203 includes a 3 lines hybrid, prior to VQR system, to enable the handling of two telephone lines and a one cell phone connected wirelessly by a digital microwave link named Bluetooth.
All 3 lines can be placed in conference, with a cross gain between them, to allow for a comfortable and excellent communication level.
It also allows the direct entry of cell phones instead of phone lines. This way saves a lot of money on telephone fares by taking advantage of the promotions of communication at low fee, using Corporative cell phones


1) An audio processing stage in the return channel to maintain constant the level during conferences.

2) Audio processing in the returning channel. This process makes unnecessary the operator continuous correction of the send level. On the other hand, it increases the intelligibility of the voice, allowing listening in noisy environment. Band limiter filters eliminates the return of out of band components, to maintain the quality of the local voice when the hybrid is on-air.

3) HL 202 has 2, 4 or up tp 6 internal mix-minus buses. This way it is possible to obtain perfect conferences because it has cross gain of 8 dB, so that all the remote callers can be listened to each other.

4) Inputs use Nickel-Ferrite transformers that brings high inductance and excellent isolation to avoid humming or line noises

5) Terrestrial lines or cellular phone It allows managing simultaneous telephone communications by phone lines (2 wires mode) or cellular phone (4 wires mode) . The commutation is automatic, when RJ11 connector is plugged the cellular is detected.

6) Lightning protection. Using metal oxide varistor (SIOV) the HL 202 hybrid is protected against high voltage. A 2 KV test capacitor discharge is done at each unit to be approved at factory.