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iXm Digital Recording Microphone Bundle with Premium Head - Supercardioid

From: Yellowtec

-iXm Premium Head (supercardioid)
-iXm Pouch
-iXm Windscreen
-iXm Wifi Card
-iXm Uplink Software License

An incredible amount of design attention was put into every detail of the iXm. The buttons are smooth and produce no handling noise. Yet they are also rugged to survive repetitive field operation. They are large, so you can be confident during recording. And they are dust and waterproof to cope with any environmental hazard. The result was worth it: Record and stop buttons exactly where you expect them working just as you require. The iXm truly puts control under your thumb!

One of the things you’ll notice about the iXm is that it's extremely easy to use. Because you don’t need to constantly monitor levels, you only need three intuitive indicators: Recording Status, Battery Status and Memory Status. And the dashboard is where you expect it, well-positioned and always visible. There is no better way, day or night, to keep your recordings under control. Freed from monitoring, you can concentrate on your interview for a better, more personal recording.