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AHR-1 Plus

Standalone active headphone amplifier

From: Broadcast Tools

- Standalone active headphone amplifier/remote 1/4” and 3.5mm headphone outputs

The Active Headphone Remote Plus (AHR-1 Plus) contains a stereo amplifier designed to work with any combination of high efficiency headphones with impedances between 24 and 600 ohms.

The AHR-1 Plus can be used as a stand alone headphone listening station (without the FlexPhones Master) using the included external power supply.

Level control; user configured utility momentary push-button and LED indicator. Two rear panel RJ45 jacks are provided for connection via CAT5 cable to the FlexPhones Master or other system.

For standalone applications, two 1/4″ T/R/S input jacks are provided to accept balanced or unbalanced stereo input audio.