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microP2 Handheld AVC-ULTRA HD Camcorder

From: Panasonic
  • Weight:11.9 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:19.1 x 14.9 x 12.6 in

-1/3" 3MOS Sensors 1920 x 1080
-22x Optical Zoom Lens
-2 x microP2 & 1 x P2 Media Card Slot
-AVC-ULTRA, 1080p Variable Frame Rate

The AJ-PX270 is the first P2 HD handheld camcorder combining the high quality and incredible efficiency of low bit rate AVC-ULTRA recording and the flexibility of a 3G/4G/LTE wireless mobility. The 5-pound PX270 provides all the key functionality of the high-end; shoulder-mount camera (AJ-PX5000 P2 HD with AVC-ULTRA). It features newly-developed high-sensitivity; low-noise 1/3 type 3MOS imagers to produce stunning pictures; even in low lighting conditions.

With its innovative AVC-ULTRA codec; the AJ-PX270 features both low-bit rate and normal recordings. For high quality recording; the camera records in 100Mbps AVC-Intra100; as well as 200 Mbps AVC-ULTRA Class 200 (optional). For applications where file size is critical; e.g.; for wireless feeds; the PX270 records in low-bit rate AVC-LongG for extended recording and AVC-LongG25 enables extended 1920 x 1080 10-bit 4:2:2 broadcast-quality recording (four times longer than AVC-Intra100 for the same memory space).

A newly designed; compact; 22X zoom lens offers a wide 28 mm to tele 616 mm (35mm equivalent) zoom range. Its three manual operation lens rings — zoom; focus and iris -- provide a comfortable manual control similar to interchangeable lenses; but without the need for actual lens changes. The zoom ring's solid feel and smooth action allows delicate ultra-slow zooming.

In addition; the camera's multi-step zoom control provides fast response and smooth zoom action; providing the creative freedom every camera operator wants. And the zoom control on the handle enables variable speed zoom; allowing fine zoom control even for low angle shots.

Networking functions are included as standard; and options are available to allow for proxy video to be automatically uploaded to the cloud and for compatibility with a planned cloud workflow; allowing immediate editing from a remote location.

The PX270 features a Wireless LAN function via an optional Wireless LAN dongle and supports the existing Panasonic live uplink solutions. Dongle support for wireless workflow over a mobile 3G/4G/LTE network is also scheduled for the near future. Thanks to these wireless features; users of the AJ-PX270 can easily uplink low-bit rate proxy data and full quality broadcast content. The handheld camera's network function makes the production work-flow more efficient and accelerates the broadcasting work-flow from shooting to on-air.


-Image Device 1/3" 3MOS, 2.2 MP
-Resolution 1920 x 1080
-Lens 22x Optical Zoom Lens
-Minimum Illumination 0.02 Lux (F1.6, Gain 18dB, 1 second exposure, High Sens mode)
-Memory Card Slot 2 x Micro P2
-1 x P2
-1 x SD
-LCD Monitor 3.5", QHD, approximately 156k dots
-Viewfinder 0.5" OLED, approximately 1.76 MP resolution
-Power Requirements 7.2VDC
-Uses: VW-VBD58 battery
-Compatible: CGA-D54