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Acuity 1S Control Panel

From: Ross Video

-24 Crosspoint Buttons on Panel with Mnemonics
-1 Mix Effects Control Row (Stripe)
-24 Custom Control Macro Buttons with 48 Banks

The culmination of 40-years production switcher design experience, Acuity provides the powerful core for a wide range of live production environments as an innovative large production switcher platform designed to meet future needs. It delivers fast, efficient and error-free production, in an ergonomically perfect and stunningly beautiful package.

What sets an Acuity solution apart is an unprecedented level of connectivity combined with a range of operational flexibility that makes it the perfect fit for various production requirements. When coupled with Ross Video’s DashBoard control system manager, the custom PanelBuilder, or the industry leading OverDrive APC system – Acuity delivers production-control speed and efficiency as well as flawless program creation, every time, all the time.


-Auto-Follow, Industrial Grade, Dual Display System Control Touch Screen
-USB Ports for Keyboard, Mouse, and Media Drives
-On-Panel Aux Bus Control (Bus Delegation)
-Source Awareness™ Automatic Features
-Unique Ross “Roll Clip” Button in every ME
-1000 Event Memory System and 2304 Custom Control Macros per Setup File
-Local Event Memory System and Global Event Memory System Modules
-Preview Overlay™ Safe Area/Title and Operator Heads-Up Information Display
-36 Fully Assignable Parallel Tally Outputs- Expandable to up to 72
-Panel Glow User Definable Button Color Themes
-Full 1 Year Transferable Warranty, Lifetime Fader Handle Warranty
-Lifetime Software Updated via Ross Website, Lifetime Telephone Support