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3Play 440

includes Control Surface

From: Newtek

-For Small to Mid-Size Sports Productions
-Up to 4 Ch of Video Input and Recording
-Supports Mixed Inputs, Formats, Rates
-SDI, Component, Composite, Y/C I/O
-Formats up to 1080/30p/24p, 1080/60i
-Full-Function Control Surface Included
-Records up to 140 Hours of 1080i
-3TB Internal Drive; 3TB Removable Drive
-Can Be Used with TriCaster for Switching

The NewTek 3Play 440 Instant Replay System with Control Surface is a multi-channel instant replay system for small to mid-size live sports productions. You can use it standalone or with any TriCaster for a combination of instant replay and video switching. 3Play 440 supports up to four channels of live video input and recording in any combination of supported inputs, formats, and frame rates.

Video inputs consist of four HD/SD-SDI and HD/SD Component / Composite / Y/C, all on BNC connectors. Video outputs consist of two HD/SD-SDI, two analog, HDMI, and several display output ports, with DVI the main user interface output port. Recording formats range from 480/60i to 1080/30p/24p/60i, and you can record up to 140 hours of 1080i onto 3TB of internal storage and an included 3TB removable drive, simultaneously recording up to two channels per drive. A full-function control surface is included with backlit buttons, a rotary dial, and a T-bar.


4 video inputs
2 simultaneous, switchable; fully independent playout channels
4 recording channels
140 hours base recording capacity (HD)
HQ QuickTime recording format
-200% to 200% multi-speed live playback
External video router support
Media publishing
Network output to TriCaster
HDMI output
AUX output
Grab stills
Transition between playout channels
Animation store transitions
TransWarp effects
Animation store creator
All supported playlist transitions
Playlist music track
DSK overlays
Network inputs
Animation buffers
Watch folders
Metadata entry
Keyword tagging engine
FastClip asset management
MIDI support
TriCaster workflow integration
Advanced Media Protocol (AMP) support
Scoreboard data feed support (via LiveText)
External asset management platform integration
Multiview monitoring
Auxiliary display ports
Multi-angle clip preview
Clip bookmarks
Automatic input color correction
Advanced color correction and shading
External monitor color control
Template sessions
Batch media import/export
Single pane operation
Undo/Redo commands
Downstream system tally support
SDK support
Hardware fail-safe
Software fail-safe
3TB removable storage drive
Control Surface included
2RU rack mount