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Analog Composite with 4 Channels of Analog Audio to SDI Converter

From: Ross Video

-12-bit A to D conversion
-10-bit decoding with 3-line / 5-line / 3D adaptive comb filters
-4 channels of analog audio A / D with embedding

A superior quality analog to digital converter with 4 channels of audio designed to handle tough satellite feeds and general decoding requirements.

The ADC-8732B-C (-SC) is a 10-bit broadcast quality video decoder with a 12-bit analog to digital converter supporting 4 channels of analog audio embedding. It is specifically designed for broadcast or production situations in which an analog PAL-B, PAL-M, PAL-N, or NTSC composite signal must be converted to a component SD SDI signal. 4 SD SDI outputs with embedded audio are provided. Analog audio is converted at 24-bit resolution and offers adjustable ±10dBu of gain and delay up to 5 seconds.

The ADC-8732B-C includes the audio processing daughter card and features 4 channels of analog audio embedding plus all the ADC-8732B features.

The ADC-8732B-SC includes a frame synchronizer in addition to all the features available on the ADC-8732B and ADC-8732B-C.


-Optional frame synchronization
-Freeze modes
-Horizontal and vertical timing adjustments
-Programmable vertical interval blanking
-Proc amp controls
-24-bit audio ADC resolution, adjustable gain and delay
-Status indicator LEDs on card-edge
-Choice of reference inputs
-5-year transferable warranty
-Power: 7.8 watts