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Dual AES to Quad Analog Audio Converter

From: Ross Video

-4 channel audio conversion while providing AES / EBU signal distribution
-Cable equalization and data reclocking on the incoming AES / EBU signals
-Supports audio sampling frequencies from 32kHz to 96kHz

The DAC-8418-A dual AES to quad analog audio converter is a broadcast quality modular product used to convert 2 unbalanced AES digital audio signals into 4 channels of analog audio. The DAC-8418-A supports audio sampling frequencies from 32kHz to 96kHz.

The DAC-8418-A also has internal audio processing with independent channel gain, master stereo gain, sum (mono), and left or right only selection.

It converts the 2 incoming AES / EBU digital audio signals to 2 stereo analog audio signals using 24-bit conversion technology. Cable equalization and reclocking techniques enable the DAC-8418-A to recover the incoming digital audio signals reliably. The DAC-8418-A provides 2 analog outputs for each AES / EBU input and 2 reclocked copies of each AES / EBU input.


-Internal audio signal processing
-24-bit technology provides the highest quality signal conversion
-2 reclocked output copies of each AES / EBU input
-75Ω unbalanced AES3 I/O
-Balanced analog audio outputs
-5-year transferable warranty
-Power: 4 watts