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Automation / Character Generator

CG-300 Kit

HD/SD Character Generator Kit

From: Datavideo Technologies Co.
  • Weight:2.9 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:12.441 x 12.441 x 5.433 in

-Character Attributes & Style Galleries
-Multiple Typefaces
-Logo Customization
-Title Composer
-Display List Editor
-Blackmagic DeckLink 4K Extreme Card

The CG-300 Character Generator Kit for SD & HD from Datavideo is a Windows-based system designed for use in live- and post-production environments. It offers a standard set of base functionality plus a number of complementary functions managed by different subsystems. It also includes a Blackmagic DeckLink 4K Extreme Card.

This unit supports resolutions from 320 x 240 up to 1080i HD. It also offers support for BMP, JPG, GIF, PCX, TIF and TGA images. Other features include anti-aliased characters, 24-bit color support, character attributes and style galleries, logo customization, and multiple typefaces. Subsystems include a display list editor and a title composer.

Use this system to manage character generation in live- or post-production work to achieve more professional results.

This solution offers a number of advanced controls that allow you to customize your work, including character attributes, style galleries, logo customization, and multiple fonts, among other options.


Operating Requirements:
-Windows 7 and above
-Pentium 1 GHz or higher
-128 MB RAM or higher (minimum 512 MB recommended)
-80 MB hard drive space for installation
-1 x available USB port for dongle key
-VGA card with at least 16-bit color (32-bit recommended)