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2×10 DA

Stereo Distribution Amplifier

From: Broadcast Tools
  • Weight:2 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:5.66x7.00x1.58 in

- Front panel +/- DC power and stereo audio activity led’s.
- Monaural configuration jumpers.
- Removable screw terminals and selectable input gain of –10dbv or +4dbu.

The 2 x 10 DA stereo distribution amplifier is equipped with a stereo line level high Z input, which accepts a balanced or unbalanced source with ten active balanced low Z output amplifiers. Each output amplifier may be paired for stereo or each output pair may be summed for monaural operation without degrading the integrity of the other outputs. Each stereo output amplifier has a front panel recessed level control.


- Eliminating the need for additional level conversion.
- The 2x10 DA is powered by a surge protected internal bi-polar 15vdc power supply affording superior headroom and high definition audio.
- The 2x10 DA may be set on a desktop.
- Mounted on a wall or up to three units mounted on the RA-1 mounting shelf.