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3G / HD / SD SDI Utility Routers

From: Ross Video

-Data rates 143Mb/s to 3Gb/s
-Handles 3G / HD / SD SDI and DVB-ASI
-Supports SMPTE 259M, 292M, 344M and 424M
-64×64 expandable to 72×72
-Cable equalizing inputs
-Reclocking outputs

The NK-3G Utility series offers cost effective 3G routing solutions in a compact design. Available in three sizes: 16×4, 16×16 and 34×34, these NK-3G routers can be used on their own as stand-a-lone utility routers, or be easily integrated into any larger NK system.

The NK-3G Utility series of routers can be integrated into larger NK router systems with combinations of audio, video and machine control routers, and are compatible with all NK control panels or external control via the NK-3RD, NK-SCP/A or NK-GPI. Multi-Level Breakaways, Macros, Virtual Routing and Resource Management are all supported and DashBoard control system provides a unified control GUI over all of the NK components.


-Depth : 64 mm
-Depth : 2.52 in
-Jitter : -Output Connection : 75 ohms (BNC)
-DC Voltage : 15 Volts
-Total Inputs : 16
-Input Connection : 75 ohms (BNC)
-Active Power : 16 Watt
-Warranty (Length/Type) : 5 Years
-Number of Inputs : 34
-Number of Outputs : 34
-Rack Units (Height) : 2