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ATEM Studio Converter 2

Signal Converter

From: Blackmagic Design
  • Weight:5.05 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:19.2 x 7.5 x 3.4 in

-4 Bi-Directional Converters in 1RU Unit
-Optical Fiber Signal Range 28 Miles
-Connects up to 4 ATEM Camera Converters
-4 x Fiber to SDI 10 bit Converters

The Blackmagic Design Studio Converter 2 inputs SDI video signals transmitted over optical fiber and converts the signals to SDI for use with video switchers.

A  typical set up using the Studio Converter 2 is to connect it between the switcher and up to four ATEM Camera Converter units. This set up allows the Converter 2 to receive the signals from the fiber cable, convert the signals to SDI using 10-bit processing, and send the signals to the switcher.

The Converter 2 supports SD/HD signals, and when using the available ATEM Camera Converter you can use any camera with an SDI/HDMI output.


-4 x Switchable SD/HD-SDI Outputs
-Camera Talkback with Select, Vol & Mute
-Connect to ATEM Switchers/Converters
-Supports SDI Switcher Tally Output
-Send PGM Feed to Fiber Connected Cameras