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Transmission Transmission

AM Transmitters

Castel 700 watts

700 Watts Solid State AM Transmitter

From: Castel Telecomunicaciones
  • Weight:40 kg

  • Shipping Dimensions:26.6x71x45 cm

-Modulation PDM
-Modules with PLUG-IN connection
-1 Power Module 700 watts
-Protections of all its parts with Fault Signaling
-Output of anti-lightning, against lightning

This 700 Watt AM transmitter manufactured by Castel has the following characteristics: PDM Modulation, Power modules with PLUG-IN connection, 1 700 watt Power Module, all parts Protections with Fault Signaling, Lightning Output Tank, High efficiency, typical of 80% or better, Excellent characteristics of Modulation and Low Distortion, Single Power Control, Voltage, Current and Power Measurement System, through Digital Compensated Oscillator, Automatic Replacement from the studios, Local and Remote Operation System, Forced Air Ventilation System, Single or Three Phase Power Supply 110 / 220va, 6 Rack Units, 19º, Frequency Range Any Channel within the band from 530 Khz to 1700 Khz


-Output Power 700 watts nominal
-Load Unbalance 50 Ohms Unbalanced
-Response frequency +/- 0.5 dB between 40 Hz and 10 Khz
-Harmonic Distortion less than 1.5% to 90% modulation, measured between 40Hz and 10Khz
-Modulation Capability Better than 140% at peak positive at 100% Nominal power
-Carrier Amplitude Displacement Less than 1%
-Radiation of Harmonic and Spurious Signals Better than 75 dB below the level of the carrier
-Rubid Residual Better than 65 dB
-Frequency Stability +/- 5 Hz or better Audio Input Level + 10 dBm nominal for 100% modulation
-Tension Voltage 110 VAC / 220 VAC with taps of +/- 5% and 10% 1 phase
-Energy Consumption Typical efficiency of 80% for 100% of rated carrier power
-Operating Conditions Ambient temperature - 5ºC and 40ºC
-Relative humidity between 0% and 90%. Altitude between 0 and 3500mts Snm.