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iQ6 Six-Line POTS Telco GatewayTalkshow System for Axia® IP-Audio Networks

Telos® iQ6 is a six-line digital phone system designed specifically for use with Axia networked mixing consoles — that’s why we call it a “Telco gateway.” iQ6 acts as a portal for Axia systems, supplying caller audio, mix-minus, Program-On-Hold audio, and switching control for six POTS phone lines, using a single RJ-45 network connection.


The Telos VSet12 phone is beautifully designed, with a friendly LCD color display that uses exclusive Status Symbols to let talent know what's going on instantly. VSet12 can handle up to 12 phone lines, providing detailed line status, and caller information at a glance


Six Lines Phone controller

The VSet6 phone controller is a six-line version of the VSet12. Like its big brother, it has a large, friendly color screen with animated Status Symbol icons, and controls for 6 phone lines. With all the control functions of the VSet12, it's great for secondary studios or other locations where only six lines of control are desired.

VX Engine

VX is the world’s first VoIP (Voice over IP) talkshow system — a broadcast phone system that’s so powerful it can run all of the on-air phones for your entire plant, but economical enough for stations with just two or three studios. VX connects to traditional POTS and ISDN telephone lines via standard Telco gateways.


Program Delay Manager

-PD Alert™ instantly emails time-stamped audio files whenever Dump is pressed
-Files capture what took place both on- and off-air
-Seamlessly builds and exits delay
-Configurable delay time, build and dump options


Audio Watermarking Technology

-Monitors and analyzes the robustness of watermark encoding across all program content.
-Offers visibility into how listening environments may influence watermark decoding, using models of acoustic spaces where listeners are wearing or carrying their devices.



-Raw symbol reliability is displayed on a constantly changing bar.
-A front panel graph of your station’s watermark reliability updates every 400 milliseconds.
-Doesn’t depend on a particular encoder, and doesn’t have to be connected to it.

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