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3 Phone Line Hybrid with VQR (Voice Quality Restoration)

This new technology, developed at Solidyne Labs, allows reconstructing the original human voice quality transmitted over telephone lines or Cellular Phone systems. This new invention, based on the Psychoacoustics science, uses the information contained into the 300 - 3.000 Hz band to decode it and restore to the near-original audio quality.

AudiMax 362HD

Analog FM, 7 Stages Audio Processor with Digital Stereo Coder

The AudiMax 362 HD now includes a new mode of operation HD (High Definition without pre-emphasis) allowing use in audio recordings of voices, commercials and music.
Manages three audio inputs of different levels, including the new RJ45 connection technology.

Price US$ 1,250.00

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Digital USB & Bluetooth 8 Channel, Digital Console, ON-AIR & Production

-8 channels; With 5 attenuators connectors to be able to change without using welder
-12 stereo inputs; 4 MIC balanced, 2 LIN balanced (DIN 5), 3 LIN unbalanced (RCA), 1 digital input USB, 2 Telephone hybrids (RJ11 & Bluetooth), 1 Air Monitor  (Jack 6.35mm)

Price US$ 1,700.00

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4 Phone Line/ Digital Phone Hybrid with DSP Echo Cancellation

-Digital Hybrid with DSP echo cancellation, auto-adjusted levels of transmission and returns by audio limiters and AGC.
-Acoustic echo cancellation.
-Auto answering system.
-Speakerphone hands free for conference rooms and radio auditorium.

Price US$ 2,200.00

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DX816 12 channels digital On-Air console with AoIP option

-Low budget audio mixer for On-Air studio
-2 digital stereo USB inputs
-2 digital stereo USB outputs (PGM & REC)
-4 analog stereo Line inputs; Bal / Unbal selectable at front panel

Price US$ 2,950.00

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3 Headphones Distributor


-Distributor of 3 headphones
-Light of Air
-Level speakers
-Double listening channel
-Intercom with operator
- Up to 3 x HD3 can be connected to the console
-Includes RJ45 cable of 5 meters

HD5 Studio Box

5 Headphones Distributor


-Distributor of 5 headphones
-Light of Air
-Level speakers
-Double listening channel
-Intercom with operator
-Timer of time in the air
- Up to 2 x HD5 can be connected to the console
-Includes RJ45 cable of 5 meters


 Two Lines Hybrid System for Conference (Land Lines or Cellular Phones) 

- 2, 4 and 6 conference lines or cell phones
- 40 dB local signal rejection
- Simple operation with only 3 buttons
- Output to console, with audio compressor, balanced +4 dBu


Digital USB Mini-Console, 4 Channels. For Telephone Line with DTMF Dialer

La MX2100 es la única consola de exteriores del mercado mundial que incluye:
-Compresor de audio +AGC
-Entrada/salida digital USB
-Ecualización VQR

Esto logra un gran sonido. aún a través de celulares, pudiendo restaurarse en Estudios los graves y agudos originales mediante la tecnología VQR (Voice Quality Restoration).


2US 12 Channel Digital Console New Line 2600 LA

-New look with low-profile cabinet 
-Illuminated pushbottons, CPU controlled
-Electronic Routing audio without mechanical contacts 
-User programmable from the front panel 

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