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ACS 16.2

Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher

- Channel selection knob for input selection for both outputs, along with the front panel take push button.
- Three switching modes; Interlock, overlap and mix.
- Inputs one and two can be faded and/or dimmed via serial commands.


Pro quality stereo digital-to-analog audio converter

- AES input and balanced stereo output on XLR connectors.
- Front panel headphone jack and level control.
- Internal silence sensor with front panel LED indicators, SPDT/SPST alarm tally relay, adjustable alarm threshold level, delay duration and restore duration.

SS 8.1 MLR


- Front panel channel selection push buttons with active channel LED indicators.
- Audio “MUTE” function allows the user to turn off all audio.
- Front panel Enable switch can be configured to provide a safety lock to the front panel selection push buttons.

Audio Sentinel® Plus Web

Web-enabled two channel stereo silence monitor with integrated 2x1 switcher

- Built-in web server provides simple, web based notification, monitoring, configuration, control.
- Internal silence sensor with front panel activity and alarm LED indicators.
- Front panel, remote, and web-based switcher controls.
- Silence trip level detection from -24dB to -35dB in 1 dB steps for each stereo channel.

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