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Omnia 7

FM/AM Audio Processor

- Selectable FM or HD+streaming standard; optional upgrade to combinations of simultaneous FM+HD+Streaming+RDS.
- Omnia-exclusive “Undo” Audio Restoration Technology
- Psychoacoustically Controlled Distortion Masking FM Clipper
- Two-band final look-ahead limiter for HD Radio and streaming

Omnia 11 GForce Plugin

Omnia 11 Plugin


• Highly refined density detection scheme for rock-solid performance across a wide range of recordings
• Program adaptive attack, release, and ratio values let you set the characteristic elements of your signature sound and make auto acceleration and deceleration smoother than ever
• A Makeup Threshold allows for gain management and control without sudden, audible swings
• And Many More.. 

Z/IPStream R/2™

Stream Encoder/Processor


•Processing and stream encoding of up to eight audio programs in 1RU
• Available in models with 3-band or full Omnia.9 processing
• AES/EBU and Livewire®/AES67 audio I/O
• Encode a program at multiple bitrates for adaptive streaming applications. Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming formats are supported
• And Many More