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Television Television

Routers / Converters

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16.1 – Switcher/Router

16x1 Passive stereo audio switcher/router

- The Power-Up feature allows the user to select which of any source is active at power up, including the last source selected.
- Audio mute allows the user to turn off the audio output when activated.

ACS 16.2

Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher

- Channel selection knob for input selection for both outputs, along with the front panel take push button.
- Three switching modes; Interlock, overlap and mix.
- Inputs one and two can be faded and/or dimmed via serial commands.

Price US$ 1,199.00

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ADC-1 Plus

Analog to Digital Converter

- Balanced stereo analog inputs and AES output via XLR connectors.
- The front panel is equipped with left and right analog input trimmers.
- Options dip-switch.


Analog to Digital Converter & Switcher

- Balanced stereo analog input.
- AES input.
- AES output and remote control via plug-in euroblock connectors.
- The front panel is equipped with left and right analog input trimmers.

ADMS 44.22

AES/Analog Digital Matrix Switcher

- Any or all of the inputs may be mixed, faded, dimmed to either or both output channels.
- Fade rates, dim levels, and mix modality are all fully-programmable.

Price US$ 1,429.00

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ATEM Camera Converter

Optical Fiber Input

-Enables Extension of SDI/HDMI Cameras
-Transmission Distance - 28 miles (45km)
-Internal Battery
-Talkback Function
-12V Power Connection
-2 Tally LEDs
-Integrated Belt Clip / Camera Mount
-Microphone Inputs
-Aircraft-grade Aluminum Construction
-Built-in Button Pad

BMD OpenGear 20 Frame

Signal Converter & Modulator

-450W Power Supply with Integral Cooling
-Standard Ethernet Connectivity
-2RU Frame Houses up to 20 openGear Cards
-Dedicated Slot for Full Network Control
Modular I/O Panels
-Removable Front Door for Easy Fan Access
-Front LCD Display
-2 Independent Looping References

Price US$ 1,804.00

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Pro quality stereo digital-to-analog audio converter

- AES input and balanced stereo output on XLR connectors.
- Front panel headphone jack and level control.
- Internal silence sensor with front panel LED indicators, SPDT/SPST alarm tally relay, adjustable alarm threshold level, delay duration and restore duration.

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