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iQ6 Six-Line POTS Telco GatewayTalkshow System for Axia® IP-Audio Networks

From: Telos

Telos® iQ6 is a six-line digital phone system designed specifically for use with Axia networked mixing consoles — that’s why we call it a “Telco gateway.” iQ6 acts as a portal for Axia systems, supplying caller audio, mix-minus, Program-On-Hold audio, and switching control for six POTS phone lines, using a single RJ-45 network connection.

iQ6 is built around the Telos Hx6, our most advanced six-line POTS Talkshow system. It features two high-performance digital hybrids and includes Telos’ famous Digital Dynamic EQ, noise gate, caller ducking, and acoustic echo cancellation. Includes complimentary XScreen call-screening software from Broadcast Bionics.


Single-cable Ethernet connection to Axia IP-Audio networks transports caller audio, mix-minus, Program-On-Hold audio and hybrid switching control – no separate audio connections or contact closures to solder.

Direct, on-console control of iQ6 operations, with add-on modules for popular Axia iQ, Element® and Axia Fusion® mixing consoles. Talent never needs to take their eyes off the control board; shows run smoother with less errors.

Works with Telos VSet6 six-line phone controllers with large, colorful VGA LCD displays that provide intuitive operation and setup.

Telos-exclusive Status Symbols on-console and phone controllers provide producers and talent with animated, high-contrast icons that communicate line and caller status at a glance.

Six-line capacity; works with POTS (analog) phone lines.

Our most advanced digital hybrids, with DSP algorithms optimized for superior performance with today’s wide variety of far-end call types (VoIP, cell, POTS, app-based).

Telos DDEQ (Digital Dynamic EQ) and adjustable smart-level AGC ensure spectrally consistent audio from call to call — even on notoriously tough cellular calls.

Excellent trans-hybrid loss of >55dB.

Smooth, proven, symmetrical wide-range AGC by the audio processing experts at Omnia®.

Studio adaptation and a subtle, inaudible pitch shifter to prevent feedback in open-speaker studio environments.

A sophisticated caller override that improves performance and allows precision adjustment of the degree to which talent audio “ducks” the caller audio.

iQ6 versions matched to your choice of analog POTS phone lines.

Caller ID.

Easy setup and configuration via Ethernet using any PC and your favorite Web browser.

XScreen call-screening software from Broadcast Bionics, provided at no cost.