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Axia IQ Main Frame

Axia all-in-one console

From: AXIA


-Configurable from 8 to 24 faders, each with instant access to any source.
-Proven surface-and-core architecture separates control from mixing processes.
-No audio passes directly through iQ; all mixing and processing is performed in the QOR.32 Integrated Console Engine – so studio “accidents” don’t turn into off-air events.

The iQ console + routing system is an all-in-one system that can be used to build custom consoles of sizes from 8 to 24 faders. The basic system consists of one 8 Fader iQ Main Frame (P/N 2001-00275) and one iQ Core integrated console engine (P/N 2001-00275), which includes a DSP based mixing engine, audio I/O, machine-control logic and Ethernet switch.

Faders and control capabilities can be expanded by adding one or more of the iQ Expansion Frames described below. The iQ control surface plugs into the iQ Core using a single CANBus connector; the system can operate as a standalone console or (using one of two Gigabit ports on the Core’s Ethernet switch) as part of a larger Axia network.

Up to 4 iQ Cores may be daisy chained without the need for an external Ethernet switch. 3 dedicated stereo Program buses, plus a stereo Utility bus that can be used for phone calls, off-air recording, or as a fourth Program bus. iQ Core iQ Core console engine provides 4 mic inputs, 16 Analog inputs, 8 Analog outputs, 2 AES/EBU ins/outs, 4 GPIO, Ethernet switch with 6 Livewire 100Base-T ports (4 with PoE), 2 Gigabit ports (RJ-45 & SFP). I/O can be easily expanded using Axia Audio Nodes (see Section 5). 4 CANBus connectors support consoles of up to 24 faders or three console frames, plus accessory panels.


-Software upgrade for QOR.32 integrated console makes iQ AoIP console AES67-compliant.
-Assign any type of source to any channel with a twist of the Options knob.
-Four main stereo outputs (Program-1 through Program-4).
-Built-in three-band per-source EQ.
-Alpha-numeric OLED displays below each fader always show the current audio source, and, when the Options knob is pressed, offer fast adjustment of fader gain trim, voice EQ, pan and balance, phase correction and other features without panel clutter or intimidating controls.
-Channel-input confidence meters assure talent of audio presence before taking sources to air.
-Each fader’s context-sensitive Soft key can be used to activate talkback, start delivery system events, or perform other special functions.
-Every fader has a stereo Preview (“cue”) function, with a unique interlock system for fast cuing of multiple sources.
-Smooth, long-life 100mm. conductive-plastic faders resist dirt and contamination.
-Reconfigurable CR monitor section with direct-selection of Program buses and reassignable buttons that allow instant monitoring of external sources.

More information in the PDF attached.