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Comrex DH22

 Comrex Dual Digital Hybrid

From: Comrex
  • Weight:2.88 kg

  • Shipping Dimensions:43.6X25.7X4.44 cm


-Mic or line input  
-Automatically accepts all worldwide voltages
-Worldwide compliant, including FCC, CSA, CE and CTR21
-Dry line capability (U.S. version only)
-Balanced audio in and out

The DH22 are high quality single-line and dual-line telephone interfaces, designed to interconnect a standard telephone line and your audio equipment, allowing you the ability to send audio to and receive audio from a connected telephone line. The DH22 are ideal when the very best audio quality is required for talk shows, news feeds, production, recording studios, and internet applications.

Our newest DSP technology delivers better and more reliable sound quality. The DH22 deliver the deepest and most stable hybrid null, ensuring maximum isolation between the send and caller audio. That means no echo and no "bottom of the barrel" sound.

In addition, we've added selectable automatic gain control (AGC) and caller ducking. With AGC, each call will be delivered to your equipment at the same level. Caller ducking reduces the caller's audio level when the announcer speaks, providing a more "controlled" environment. We've also added a speaker amplifier so you can connect a speaker directly to the unit and monitor callers without headphones.


-Caller Output: XLR male, 0dBu nominal, adjustable, balanced, 50 Ohm impedance
-Aux Output: XLR male, 0dBu nominal, adjustable, balanced, 50 Ohm impedance
-Telco Line: RJ-11 connector, POTS line or analog extension from a PBX or dry line (no DC offset voltage)
-Telco Set: RJ-11 connector
-Remote: DB-25 Female
-Remote Send Input: 0dBu nominal, adjustable, unbalanced, 20k Ohm impedance
-Remote Caller and Aux Output: 0dBu nominal, adjustable, unbalanced, 50 Ohm impedance
-Control Inputs: Remotely activate any of the following functions with a switch closure to ground: On, Off, and Monitor Mute