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Helia 40 Watt Bi-Color LED Fresnel Light

From: ikan
  • Weight:10 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:11 x 9 x 11 in

-Bi-Color Light adjustable from 2700K-5600K
-4" Fresnel with flood to spot
-High CRI and TLCI
-Can be powered by Pro V-Mount Battery
-Flicker feature allows slow to fast strobe
-Large digital readout for easy adjustment
-Long LED Lifespan
-Barn Doors Included

The Helia Bi-Color LED light offers the flexibility of color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 5600K for any shooting situation. The 4-inch Fresnel lens can focus from 60-degree flood to 15-degree spot. With a high CRI and TLCI, the Helia gives shooters all the color they're looking for and more.

The large digital display allows you to move through the menus and tweak settings with ease. The flicker feature can be tuned to any frequency. The HF40 light can be powered with a pro battery and comes with a V-mount battery plate and DC cable. It also comes with barn doors and AC power cable.


-Beam Angle: 18 - 60 degree
-Build Material: Aluminum
-Control: Toggle Button with Knob Control
-Cooling System: Active Cooling Fan
-Dimming: Flicker Free Dimming, Onboard dimming Knob 100%-0% (minimal color shift)
-Fixture Size: 8.5 x 7.5 x 13 in.
-Fixture Weight: 5 lbs
-Focusing: Rotating Rear knob
-Foot Candles (Flood): 3200K: 5ft-101FC 10ft-31FC 15ft-15FC
-5600K: 5ft-119FC 10ft-35FC 15ft-17FC
-Foot Candles (Spot): 3200K: 5ft-187FC 10ft-63FC 15ft-30FC
-5600K: 5ft-219FC 10ft-71FC 15ft-34FC
-Head Type: 2700K - 5600K
-Lens: 4” Acrylic Fresnel
-Light Source: 1 x 40 watt LED Bi-Color
-LUX (Flood): 3200K: 5ft-1086LUX 10ft-332LUX 15ft-161LUX
-5600K: 5ft-1281LUX 10ft-373LUX 15ft-180LUX
-LUX (Spot): 3200K: 5ft-2015LUX 10ft-677LUX 15ft-325LUX
-5600K: 5ft-2361LUX 10ft-762LUX 15ft-361LUX
-Power Supply: 6 ft power cable
-Rating: AC volts 120volts AC, 50-60Hrz, 40 watts