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Lyra Daylight 5600K Soft Panel Half x 1 Studio & Field LED Light

From: ikan
  • Weight:9 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:18 x 16 x 6 in

-High CRI Chip LEDs paired with 1/2 stop soft diffusion panel
-Solid 5600K Color Temperature
-Bright consistent light
-A clean single shadow without the artifacts
-Stronger steel tension knobs for locking the light into place
-Gold mount or V-mount battery plates included

Ikan introduces the new brand of Lyra soft lights! What you can expect when high CRI LED chips combined with a soft panel is a beautiful, soft wrapping light. What's unique about a Lyra soft light is how it creates a nice, clean shadow.

The Lyra Half x 1 soft light is equivalent to a 350-watt incandescent soft light. Among its features include a 5600K color temperature, which delivers stunning high color fidelity. The 110-degree wide beam angle can easily light a large area by itself. The 30-degree yoke, baby 5/8" and junior 1 1/8" combo pin also allow you to configure or attach them to any stand.

Additionally, the yoke's strong steel tension knobs can securely lock the light in place at any angle. On the back, the large yellow control knob lets you adjust the light's brightness and DMX channels with just a few simple clicks.

The LED readout provides extremely precise measurements for reference. Battery flexibility is guaranteed with AB and V-mount pro battery plates included. You can also plug in the Lyra soft light practically anywhere thanks to its maximum 40-watts at 0.3 amps! Add to that Ikan's reliable barndoors with intensifiers and you can clearly see why Lyra soft lights are the best value package!


-Light Source 255 0.2 watt LED's
-Head Type: Daylight 5600K
-Lens: 1/2 stop soft diffusion
-Beam Angle: 110 Degree
-Control/Dimming: Knob Control
-Build Material: Heavy Duty Resin Plastic
-Cooling System: Passive Cooling
-Yoke: Baby 5/8" --Junior 11/8" Combo Pin
-Fixture Size: 14 x 8 x 3"
-Fixture Weight: 4 lbs
-Power Supply Input: 110-220VAC; Output: 15VDC @7.0A
-Fixture Power Consumption: 51W; 14-18VDC*Maximum power draw for Lyra and Rayden series fixtures is 150 watts @120VAC