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Kit with 3 X IB1000 lights

From: ikan
  • Weight:8.4 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:13.75 x 13.75 x 2.8 in

-Dual-Color Temperature of 3200K/5600K (100K)
-Includes (3)IB1000 Fixtures with Stands and Bags
-Optional DC Accessories Available
-Wireless Remote Control(s) Included
-Energy Efficient and Portable

The IB1000-KIT with 3 x IB1000 lights is designed and built for imaging professionals who want quality at an affordable price. The Kit delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction, and all the features required for professional performance. The 3-Point Light Kit features include bi-color capabilities and a touchscreen digital readout that delivers reliable, consistent performance.

The IB1000 Bi-Color LED Studio Light features 1000 energy efficient LED lights that allow you to easily adjust and control the color temperature between 3200K Tungsten and 5600K Daylight using the LCD touchscreen.   If the light is mounted overhead or cannot be reached, the IB1000 comes with a remote that controls dimming and powering the unit on and off. 

The compact design with integrated stand mount makes the IB1000 portable and easy to set up.  A multi-voltage AC power supply is included.  The pre-mounted four leaf barn doors can be folded flat for transportation. Popular applications for the IB1000-KIT include documentary and ENG set-ups as well as corporate gigs and film. 

The kit includes 3 IB1000 lights, 3 HD Light Stands, 3 power supplies, 3 wireless remote controls, 1 light bag, and 1 stand bag. IB1000 lights are also available individually or in different kit combinations that provide added value that may include stands, bags and other accessories.


-Beam Angle: 60 degree
-Brightness: 3ft/3962 lux/3200°K
-Build Material: Aluminum
-Color Temperature: 3200 – 5600 K
-Control: Touchscreen
-Cooling System: Passive Cooling
-Dimming: 0-100%
-Fixture Size: 14" x 14" x 3 1/4"
-Fixture Weight: 9LBS
-Focusing: NO
-Head Type: Bi-Color
-Lens: 60 Degree Lens
-Light Source: 500 0,06 watt LED at 5600K and 500 0.06 watt LED at 3200K
-Mount: Stand Mount
-Operating Volts: 12v – 14.4v
-Operating Wattage at 120V/60Hz: 75 watts
-Power Supply: 12V @ 6.66amps
-Rating: 120V @ 60 HRZ