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Axia GPIO xNode

Axia - IP Audio

From: AXIA


-6 GPIO ports, each port is equipped with 5 opto-isolated inputs and 5 outputs, presented on standard DA-15 connections.
-Each port can be associated with audio sources and/or destinations to provide machine start/stop pulses, lamp drives, and remote channel controls.
-Once a port is configured to be associated with a particular device, it automatically activates with that device.

GPIO xNode interfaces 6 general-purpose logic ports with a Livewire audio IP network.


-Dual Ethernet ports allow connection to fully-redundant networks.
-Redundant power plan autoswitches from internal supply (on models so equipped) to PoE backup power when needed.
-Can also draw primary power directly over Ethernet from switches compatible with the IEEE 802.1af PoE standard (such as Axia xSwitch)
-Perfect for single-cable deployment in tight locations.
-Requires one unused 100Base-T Ethernet port for connection to an Axia network.
-Auto-sensing power supply, 90VAC to 240VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz. 7 Watts.
-Noiseless and fanfree; can be conveniently placed adjacent to your audio devices, rackmounted, or wall- mounted.
-9.5” x 11” half-rack form factor. Occupies 1RU when rackmounted.